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Frequently Asked Questions

Activate Account (4)

How to Activate your account?
Once you receive the registration email or instructions from the Company, please follow the steps to login and activate your account. When you first access your account, the system will take you through a simple set-up process by collecting the necessary information and/or documents (i.e. government ID).

When you first click the link provided within your registration email, you will be redirected to a web page with the following message: "Congratulations your account has been successfully activated."
  • Please click “Continue” to proceed to the eWallet Login page.
How to complete eWallet Setup?
Once you have activated your account you will then need to enter your Username & Password exactly as it appears in the registration email, as the information is case-sensitive, to successfully log into the account. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to your eWallet Setup. This page requires you to enter the following:
  • Account Information: such as your First & Last Name, Residential Address, Date of Birth, Primary language preference

  • Identification: Social Security Number (US), Passport/Government ID (non-US)

  • Agreements: Agree to the Terms & Conditions, Verify that all of your information you provided is correct

  • Transaction Pin: Setup your transaction PIN between 4-10 numeric digits (no letters)

  • Security Questions & Answers

Once you have entered the necessary information, you should see this message at the top of your eWallet account: “Congratulations! You have successfully set up your eWallet account.”

What is a Transaction PIN?
A transaction PIN is similar to a debit card PIN and is a way for us to protect your eWallet account from unauthorized use so this information should be kept private. Your transaction PIN should be between 4-10 numeric digits (no letters) and will be required for each transfer request made from the eWallet account We recommend that you save this information
What are security questions?
The security questions are used as a second layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to your eWallet account. You will need to select a question from the drop down list and provide an answer that you will remember as you will be periodic asked to enter your security question answer. The answers to the questions cannot be something that was entered in your eWallet setup such as your Date of Birth or First and Last name.